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Heilig Shrinky Dinks

We are having so much fun making Shrinky Dinks! There are so many heilig things you can make with them, keychains, magnets, pendants... and it's much easier than you'd think!

They come in two main varieties, crystal clear and frosted.

Frosted are great for kids to use because the children can color on them with regular markers and pencil crayons. For the crystal clear ones you need either acrylic paint pens or sharpies.

Older kids can trace their own images. We have been getting most of our images to trace from our kids books.

For younger kids you can draw the outline on the shiny side with an acrylic paint pen or sharpie and the child can color it in on the frosted side with markers or pencil crayons.

If you have a little toaster oven you can use for crafts and not need to worry about the kashrus that would be the best. Otherwise, it seems from other blogs that blow dryers should do the trick as well. Check your package directions for best results, but usually they need about a minute in a preheated 300 degree oven. You know its ready when it's done shriveling up and flattens out.

Don't forget to hole punch before shrinking if you will be making your shrinky dink into a key chain or pendant!

To download a template for the "Open up your eyes" magnifying glass click here, for the geulah glasses click here.

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