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Beis Hamikdash Model

Ok! So this project was a bit more complex and you probably need some crafting skills to put it together, but I'm sure taking these ideas you can simplify it if needed. I bought the materials in the picture below but didn't end up using everything. I used styrofoam bricks from a company called Creatology but Amazon sells something similar. The styrofoam bricks were glued together with school glue. Kids can do that part with some help for placement. I used the dollar-store wooden blocks , clay for adding detail. For the heichal I used a cardboard box that was just the right size. The Heichal was painted with white and gold acrylic paint. That was a fun job for my kids. I used a little saw to cut the wooden rods to the right size for pillars.

Then for the floor we glued on colorful tiles.

Hatzlocha rabba! Please send pictures of your own creations to!

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