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Support Us

Our team of volunteers are committed to providing resources for parents and educators desiring a chassidishe chinuch according to the Rebbe's directives. 
Your donation will enable us to strengthen our efforts and Be"H have a greater reach and impact.  Each month, three partners or one single sponsor make Anash Chinuch a reality.
Anash Chinuch is a subsidiary of Roitman Chabad Center
Partner $54.00
Sponsor: $144
Chinuch Horaah for a day $10
Tznius Horaah for a day $10 
Email the text for the dedication to: info@anashchinuch.com
PLEASE NOTE: When donating please specify in the textbox on the donation page that the donation is for "Anash Chinuch"
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May we merit to go speedily before Melech HaMoshiach and say "Reu Gidulim Shegidalti", “Look at what I have raised"!