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Badges for your proud soldiers

I wanted my children to have Tzivos Hashem badges for doing missions at home so nicely. I'm thinking of also making a bunch and giving them to my daughter's pre-K morah so she can use them for prizes in class.

These badges are made out of metal lids!

1) Print out a Tzivos Hashem logo. You can do an online search for "Tzivos Hashem logo" or "Tzivos Hashem badge", print and cut to size. It is best to use photo paper if you have so the color remains vibrant looking with the resin on top. If you don't have regular paper will work as well.

2) Glue your cut logo into the metal lid.

3) Add glue and glitter wherever you would like.

4) Once it dries apply resin. There are many kinds of resin that could work for this project. I used something called E-poxy that combines two types of liquids together and when it hardens it looks like glass. They are available at Michaels or through I highly recommend adding the resin outdoors and only bringing your project in once it dries because it is not good to inhale this substance.

5) If you want to add gems the best time to add them is about an hour or two after adding the resin. That way they wont sink all the way to the bottom and it will add a nice texture but the pieces will be very securely attached.

To add a key chain simply put the tip into the wet resin and when it dries it will be attached.

You can also use Rebbe pictures, pictures of the Beis Hamikdash, pictures of your child doing the mitzva etc.

Start saving your yeast/tomato sauce/jam/peanut butter lids!

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