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Adding Kedusha to Your Baby's Toys

This idea can be great once your baby gets to the age they want to grab onto their toys. Search for toys with mirrors on them. This flat surface is perfect for gluing on pictures! Just cut the picture to the exact size of the mirror and stick it on. The one above as a turtle! We cut the head off and with very non-professional sewing skills sewed it shut and you would never know it was once a not kosher animal toy!

We also love soft photo albums for babies. They are fun to crinkle, crunch and flip through. You can fill it with whatever kedusha things you want your child looking at and change things up as often as you want. Some ideas for your album: Kelim from the Beis Hamikdash, pictures of the Rebbeim, aleph beis, mitzvos (Shabbos licht, tzeddaka, tefillin etc.).

(Note: We have added the links to these items for your convenience!)

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