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Mitzvah Wall

The way the home is run, which pictures hang on the walls, and all the particulars of the home, play a very important role in the chinuch of a baby. This influence is no less vital than the chinuch a child receives by being taught Torah and the like. The decorations and furnishings of the home – and how much more so, the things that enter the home, such as food and beverages – are entirely the privilege and the responsibility of the woman, the akeres habayis.

(Sichos Kodesh 5733, vol. 2, p. 264)

Show your children what really matters to you by making a photo display wall of them doing mitzvos! Some ideas include: Saying Shema, giving tzedaka, kissing the mezuza, lighting Shabbos candles, kissing tzitzis, lighting the menorah...

This display was made by purchasing different inexpensive frames and painting them all the same color. In one of the frames burlap was stamped with black paint to say "Mitzvah goreres mitzvah". The stamps were purchased in a Judaica store.

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