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Chinuch should be imparted out of closeness, ימין מקרבת (”the right hand draws near”) and only then is it possible to think about the approach of שמאל דוחה ("the left hand pushes away”), in order to release the grip of undesirable traits from the child. Even then, one must chastise only with the left hand, which is the weaker hand. This means that [although one gives consequences,] one does not do so with the same amount of enthusiasm, devotion, and tumult that is usually required in chinuch.


The reason for this is that the undesirable things are nothing but a foreign entity that has attached itself [to the Jew] from the outside. However, the essence of each and every Yid has no connection whatsoever with undesirable matters, so even if something alien becomes attached to him, this is only temporary.

(Hisvaaduyos 5746, vol. 3, p. 617)

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