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  • Publication of the sefer Teachings of the Rebbe on Chinuch. FIRST EDITION SOLD OUT IN 2 MONTHS!

  • Produce the Anash Chinuch periodical, featuring the advice of world-renowned mashpi’im on practical ways to bring the Rebbe’s teachings into our daily lives.

  • Our daily Chinuch and Tznius emails have a membership numbering in the THOUSANDS!

  •, our comprehensive web portal, is a treasure of quality shiurim, articles, and resources appropriate for Anash children, all in one place. Anyone who would like to learn about chinuch or wants to know what is available out there for chassidishe kinder may now find everything organized by subject in one place. Our website also features our original material, newsletters, and an inspiring blog for creative ways to instill chassidishkeit into the home in a palpable way.

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