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Anash Chinuch has successfully undertaken projects from which others have shied away because of their difficulty. Kudos to them for their great work and achievements. Anash chinuch is deserving of generous assistance because every dollar goes directly into bringing the project to fruition.

- Rabbi Nochem Kaplan, 
Director of Chinuch Office, Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch



We turn to you today to join us in our mission to bring the Rebbe’s insights and instructions on chinuch to our generation. We’re filling  the voids that currently exist in our chinuch system... one area at a time! Click here to view our track record so far!


































Illustrated books of stories the Rebbeim for children five and under $3,500

The Rebbe emphasized that the first stories children are told should be true stories taken from Torah or stories of Tzaddikim (Sichos Kodesh 5741, vol. 1, p. 246,  Hisvaaduyos 5748, vol. 3, p. 307). The vast majority of tzaddikim stories for children are meant for children older than five years old. Many of these books emphasize the hardships the Jewish people faced throughout history. Books demonstrating the good middos of tzaddikim, especially for children under five are hard to come by. Anash Chinuch would like to fill this void, producing beautifully illustrated children's books about stories of the Rebbeim that will be focused on instilling good middos and presented in a very sensitive and positive way.


First Davening CD exclusively to niggunim geared for English-speaking pre-schools ($5,000)

The vast majority of English speaking pre-schools are currently using non-Jewish songs in the classroom while teaching and davening. When we listen to a song our neshama connects to that of the composer. Children are spiritual sponges! Add the fact that children are singing these songs over and over again... the songs’ really permeate into their neshamos!


By using only Jewish tunes you can give children the positive message packaged in a totally kosher, tahor, and kadosh medium.


The main reason this is happening in schools is because of the LACK OF BETTER RESOURCES!


We want to fill this void! Anash Chinuch is currently in the process of creating a CD with new and exciting davening and movement songs full of toichen and sung to niggunim only.


Children’s Math Curriculum Based Exclusively on  Torah ($25,000)

The Rebbe spoke strongly about how limmudei chol is metamei a child’s mind. Unfortunately, most schools are using secular math texts due to lack of better resources.


We’ve partnered with Chani Liberov, creator of the “Heilige Numeren” course material, to develop a comprehensive math curriculum and teacher’s guide for elementary grades one through five in English using ONLY KEDUSHA AND TORAH SUBJECTS.


With the eager anticipation of many teachers and mashpi’im, and the support of Rabbi Nachum Kaplan, Director of Chinuch Office, Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch, this long overdue project will be produced by professional curriculum developers to exacting, modern standards.

The Rebbe's Teachings Encouraging Childbirth ($20,000)

This will be the first compilation of teachings of the Rebbe encouraging childbirth in English. Currently there is only a DVD on the topic.


In today’s society, where having children is seen as a burden, how encouraging it is to learn the Rebbe’s teachings on the intrinsic value of every child! This sefer will provide a chizuk for parents with growing families as well as the strength for those worried about having yet another child. The Sefer will be roughly 300 pages.


You recognize the value of a chassidishe chinuch... 





We want to see the Rebbe’s instructions, chinuch al taharas hakodesh carried out in every way possible. We need your help!

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