Family Yearbook

What you choose to take pictures of and document makes a big impression on your children. This is what you view as important and worth remembering! Some ideas of what to include in your album: The Rebbe's horaos on chinuch (copy-and-pasted from our daily emails), your children doing mitzvos, your children learning Torah, chinuch milestones etc. You can start from the moment your baby is born, a picture with the Shir Hamaalos and the Rebbe's horaah, Tatti getting the baby a letter in the sefer Torah next to the baby, children coming over to say pesukim before the bris... a collection of your children's mitzvah notes from preschool and pictures of some of those moments you caught on camera... learning aleph beis, helping your prepare for Shabbos.... We love for making family albums. We made a template with many of the Rebbe's horaos included for anyone to use. Email to be sent access to the templates. They only work through Some more ideas: Letter of the child's sefer Torah, picture of parent's filling out form next to baby First time mother adds another candle Special kadosh moments: Here we are making the begining of learning Aleph Beis sweet The Rebbe's words lived out in our lives: Here big sister is using her trait of wanting to "dominate" for kedusha- teaching her baby brother kadosh things First time lighting Shabbos candle Going for walks saying psukim Davening circle Aleph Beis Holidays Surrounding children with kedusha, children being a dugma chaya New milestones Showing baby Shir Hamaalos after birth Special photos from cheder