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Anash Chinuch is pleased to announce that, be”H, we hope to publish the Rebbe's teachings on Chinuch, which many of you have been receiving daily, into a sefer in the near future. 


Topics covered include, but are not limited to:  


  • Chinuch before birth

  • Surrounding a child with kedusha from the youngest age 

  • Instilling important values 

  • The role of the mother

  • The Kedusha of the home

  • Shalom bayis

  • Worries about parnassa

  • Stories from the Rebbe with lessons for chinuch

  • Challenges and solutions, etc. 

Many lives have been touched by the spreading of these teachings, and we hope to make them more available and accessible to a greater number of people.With your help, a sefer on the teachings of the Rebbe can be brought to print in the very near future.


Dedications for the sefer are available and will serve as a fundraiser for the publishing of thesefer.  If you would like us to include a dedication to a loved one or “l’ilui nishmat” for the ascension of the soul of a loved one,  please email the dedication text to Monies can be sent through paypal or check.  Please email for more information.


Donations of any amount welcome.


The Rebbe on Chinuch


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